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Hi Dave,

That's really strange. I just got a reply from my local movie theater confirming to me that they have audio discription available in their theater. So, now I am going to start seeing a new realese now and again.

I am not sure about the audio description in the Ease of Access Center, but it sound like that might be just what it is. I have never noticed it there before. Although it is becoming more prevalent these days, audio description, like closed captioning, is not available on all movies, but movies that do not have it are becoming more a thing of the past. I am going to try it out on my computer though. I have lots of movies, and surely some of them have audio description available on them. Thanks for pointing this find out.


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Subject: Audio Description

While browsing the Ease of Access Center, in the same area as the JAVA
Access Bridge, I found a checkbox for "Turn on audio description". Anyone
tried using it? I presume it's for videos?

Dave Carlson
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