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Well Paul,

I don't think you really ever got an answer to your question. Inorder to run JAWS from a flash drive, you have to apply for a "Dongle", which allows you to use JAWS from a thumb drive with a full license. You can download a "portable" version of JAWS from Freedom Scientific, but without the dongle, it will only run in 40 minute mode. Just like the desktop version before being authorized. Also, in order to acquire this dongle, you have to be approved by submitting a form telling Freedom Scientific just what you intend to use it for, and you must have a good reason. Then you pay $45.00 for the dongle. So if you want to try for one, you can download the application on the FS web site.


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Good morning,

I'm using JAWS 13 and would like to know how to put JAWS on a thumb drive.

I would just like to place it into the correct slot then turn on the CPU and
it'll come up spitting out the desktop icons. Thank you,

Have a great day,

Paul Bolduc

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