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Charles Coe


Go to or for advice or a equivalent site. You
will probably have to find a retailer who sells a lap top with Win 7 since
most off the shelf computers will have Win 8.1 on it.
As far as the software you wish to have installed that is a matter of what
you prefer or need to have for work, for instance.

Hope this will be of help in making a purchase.


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Hello everyone,
I have been using JAWS with windows XP for 5 years and have had very few
issues. But since support for windows xp is ending soon and I am going back
to school, I am looking to buy a Windows 7 laptop. But all of the resources
I have read on and other sites are kind of vague about
the system requirements needed for JAWS, especially with regard to processor
speed. I am not a tech expert, so all of the jargon overwhelms me. Five
years ago, I worked with DVR who purchased my laptop through a vendor, but
this time since I have some money from a temp job, I thought it would be fun
to pick out my own laptop. Little did I know how overwhelming this would be.
So I am wondering if anyone who uses a windows 7 laptop and is happy with it
could give me specific recommendations on exactly which brands (Dell, Lenovo
HP etc) you have found to be the most blind-friendly in your opinion, and
exactly what specifications you have found to work best.
Thank you so much in advance for any input you can offer.
Allison Nastoff

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