JAWS and Tablets

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Touchscreens are OK on phones, and there are limited instances in
which a touchscreen is useful on other devices.

I've used an iPhone for about 4 years, beginning with thee 3GS. I
now have a 4S. If it were not for Siri (the built-in voice
recognition program on iPhones on and after the 4S, I'd find my
iPhone less than 100% useful.

In fact, for serious typing, which I rarely do, I use the Apple
Blue Tooth keyboard.

JAWS 15, for the first time, supports touch screens, and it does
so rather nicely, appearing to borrow a little from Apple's
VoiceOver for IOS devices.

Still, I wouldn't waste my money on a tablet without a keyboard.

What I have is a Lenovo Yoga IdeaPad, an ultrabook.

It is, hands down, the best computer I've ever owned. It runs
Windows 8, and I don't even mind that.

I love being able to use JAWS on it. Before JAWS 15, to use the
touch screen, I had to use either Narrator (which is amazingly
good in Windows 8) or NVDA, which is also pretty good

The IdeaPad gives me the best of all worlds: rocket fast boot with
its SSD; a really sweet keyboard; all the power of a laptop; the
portability of a tablet (it is smaller than a legal pad); and,
when I flip the keyboard behind the screen, I have a tablet.

The speakers are better than on any laptop I've ever owned.

So, I guess I have a tablet, but much, much more. I just don't
see any use for a tablet without a keyboard - at least not for me.

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