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Any way to move from track to track, or select a particular track for

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I think that Windows Media Player and the mirror driver used by screen
readers such as JAWS have a conflict. I discovered the same problem a
couple of years ago when I purchased "It's A Wonderful Life" on DVD so I
didn't have to hear all of those commercials that NBC interrupts the movie
with every year.

I can get around the problem in 2 ways. I can either use a screen reader
such as NVDA that doesn't use a mirror driver, or I can play the movie with
another player such as Power DVD 9, which came with my computer, or Media
Player Classic Home Cinema which I found with a Google search.

Gary King
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Subject: Playing old DVD movies


I am using JAWS 15 on a Windows 7 computer and my DVD will not play
older movies. Windows Media Player will start the DVD and then give a
lengthy message telling me that the DVD is analog copied protected.

Is the format of older DVD's non accessible with my 3 year old
computer's configuration? Is there software and / or hardware which
would allow the DVD drive to play older movies on my computer?

Thank you - Adam

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