issues with JFW on my new computer

bill Deatherage <billd@...>

I have been on the list before but it has been a while. I bought a new computer yesterday and have been having fun in putting the programs on it. it was set up when I got it. I am having some problems in IE 9. when I go to download a program and I get to the option where it says to either save or run the program I cannot get it to go to save. I have had it to get to run by trying different things. in the windows Mail program I have been having some issues with writing messages. I am typing the message and when I make a mistake I arrow back to correct the problem and there is nothing there or JAWS isn’t reading it. I have tried another r screen reading program and had some issues with the brows mode. I am wondering if JAWS is now having some issues with that? I am wondering if it is the programs like windows mail, and IE 9, or is it JFW, or is it the computer. I have tried fire fox and it seems to work better with JFW than IE 9.
any suggestions would be appreciated.
Like I said, the computer is new and if there is an issue with It I would like to get it solved since I have only had it home for 2 days.
Thank you again in advance.
Bill Deatherage
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