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I'm using jaws 15 and firefox 25 and it works just fine if that's any help.

On 11/26/2013 9:51 AM, David Ingram wrote:
What version of jaws are you using? Hi list members, what version of jaws are you using? I noticed that when I used Firefox, before the most recent versions, I had no problems but I have not tried this latest update to Firefox because I'm not sure whether jaws 14 will work well with this version and of course, I'm not sure whether i'd encounter problems of slowness or things not reading properly when going to certain web pages.
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I have the same updated version of Firefox, and I can reach the file menu with alt. Is your FF window maximized?

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hi, I was using Firefox, and got an update alert to 25.0.1. when I was asked
to restart, now I can't get access to the menu bar with alt. NVDA couldn't
access the menu bar either. nor could narrator. is there something I can do
outside of reinstalling 25.0?

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