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Oh brother, Adrian, don't guess on that. They cap it after a couple upgrade steps, can't remember if it is two or three but it certainly wouldn't be full price. The actual price depends on whether their friend is upgrading the Home or the Professional version.


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Check with FS in the morning, but I suspect your friend would be asked to
pay full price. I suggest waiting for the release of JAWS 13, which I
believe is anticipated in November. This way if your friend bought an SMA at
the same time, s/he would be eligible to upgrade to JAWS 14 without
additional charge. In addition, many listers have reported flaws in JAWS 12,
possibly because it is more directed to Windows 7 than XP. I'm assuming
someone using JAWS 7 hasn't yet switched to Windows 7. I still use XP Pro,
and the warnings on this list have convinced me to stay with JAWS 11, even
though my SMA entitles me to JAWS 12.

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Has anyone move from jaws 7 to 12 and if so how much did it cost?
Checking on behalf of a friend.

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