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Brian and Denise Albriton <autoharp@...>

I'm going to go back to 14 for a day or so and get a fresh look at it. However, memory serves jaws 14 never took this long. I'll give you update in a couple days.

On Mon, 18 Nov 2013, Dave "Farfar" Carlson wrote:

Brian and Denise,

Just curious -- how long did it take JAWS 14 to start under the same

And does this slow start happen each time or just the first time after the

Dave Carlson
San Francisco Bay Area Farfar, woodworker, and musician

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Subject: jaws 15 slow start

My jaws starts automatically all right, after two minutes. That's two
minutes af the windows music mind you. Using w9indows 7. In all fairness,
perhaps there's some other factors, I just don't know what they might be.

On Wed, 13 Nov 2013, Peter Donahue wrote:

Hello Tom and everyone,

Why not just have JAWS start automatically when you boot or reboot your
computer saving you some keystrokes? This is a very simple fix.

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Subject: Jaws 15 start

For some reason this morning; Jaws 15 will not start either using the
cut key or going to the desk top and pressing J twice and then enter. Jaws
14 and 15 are both on the desk top. I installed 15 from the CD about a
ago and have been able to start it from either the short cut key or desk
top. Any help would be appreciated. Tom
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