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Charles Coe

How did you update the authorization last week. Specifically did you have an
authorization disk or did you use the on line feature?.
You probably would not have received a authorization with JAWS 15 if you had
a prior authorization disk such as one that ccame with a previous JAWS


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Hoping someone can help. I recently got my JAWS 15 upgrade DVD and ran it,
authorizing the program a week ago. Yesterday afternoon/evening sometime my
system updated something and now when I logged in for work tonight of course
after FS is closed, I need to update my authorization or run JFW in demo
mode. If JAWS was previously activated on my system, is there anywhere a
copy of my authorization Number the long string of numbers/digits on the
packaging? In the package for my upgrade there is a spot for the
authorization cd but no disk and no number to enter manually. Can anyone
advise me on what to do so I can get back to work and not lose a full
night's shift because of this?


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