What to do about XP machines

Tom Behler

Hello, everyone.

In a recent post, I believe Adrian said the following:

"Many listers have reported flaws in JAWS 12,
possibly because it is more directed to Windows 7 than XP. ... I still use XP Pro,
and the warnings on this list have convinced me to stay with JAWS 11, even
though my SMA entitles me to JAWS 12."

The timing for this comment couldn't have been better in my case.

Although this is likely to change soon as my University switches us all completely over to Windows 7, my desktop at work is still an XP machine, and still has Jaws 11. The back-up PC I have at home is an XP machine, and that too has Jaws 11.

So, is the collective wisdom of the group to keep things as they are now on the XP machines, rather than installing Jaws 12 which seems to be geared more to Windows 7?

If this is true, you guys have just saved me some head-aches with my remaining XP computers, and I thank you sincerely for that.

I'll save my headaches for installing Jaws 12 on the new Windows 7 laptop the University will give me this week. (smile)

Tom in Michigan

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