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I believe I got this method to work previously but only after upgrading from Kindle for PC version 1.01b to at least 1.3. I also had to upgrade the sconvert program and possibly point scripts at the correct location for

After about 8 hours of experimentation, I got the Kindle book converted to HTML and began happily reading with JAWS.

Then I discovered that Bookshare had the same book available without any of the fuss. Best $50 I ever spent!

This was a few months ago so I can't remember all the details. If there is sufficient interest, I'll write something up.


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Could you provide me with this tool?

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Here are the programs one needs to convirt Kindle books to an HTML file. Download the file from the download link, either save then right-click to extract, or save it and extract to the folder of choice and open the "Instructions.txt" file.
There you will find detailed instructions on how to convert both kinds of Kindle books.
Please let me know if you have any questions!
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You can copy and paste the following link in your browser to retrieve your file. The link will expire on July 10, 2011 22:01 PDT.

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