Re: Math ML and JAWS?

Charles Coe


Yes there apparently is software that will work with math ml. I would
suggest doing a search on google by typing the following, " math ml and JAWS
text to speech software" in the edit field. You will find the answer to
your question on the first result page.


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Hello All,

I am a masters student at my local four year university. I will be taking
a course next semester that is heavily involved with mathematical equasions;
I'm an accounting masters student. My DS advisor spoke about Math ML for
reading the equasions but I have no experience; nor have I heard of this
program ever before. What is the accessibility of this product with JAWS and
would you recommend this as the best option for reading out the equasions?
My instructor wants something that will incert a sound file right in the PDF
text of my accounting book at the point where the equasions occur, but the
one we tried was inaccessible with JAWS. Has anyone heard of this type of
program and perhaps one that would be accessible with JAWS? Any information
would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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