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Gerald Levy

Full price! You mean FS doesn't even give you a break if you are already a loyal JAWS user? So somebody who is using an older version of JAWS like JAWS 7 or 8 would pay the same $1000 for JAWS 12 as somebody who has never used JAWS before? This just doesn't seem fair.


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Check with FS in the morning, but I suspect your friend would be asked to
pay full price. I suggest waiting for the release of JAWS 13, which I
believe is anticipated in November. This way if your friend bought an SMA at
the same time, s/he would be eligible to upgrade to JAWS 14 without
additional charge. In addition, many listers have reported flaws in JAWS 12,
possibly because it is more directed to Windows 7 than XP. I'm assuming
someone using JAWS 7 hasn't yet switched to Windows 7. I still use XP Pro,
and the warnings on this list have convinced me to stay with JAWS 11, even
though my SMA entitles me to JAWS 12.

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Has anyone move from jaws 7 to 12 and if so how much did it cost?
Checking on behalf of a friend.

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