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Cy Selfridge

So far as I can remember in Outlook (Office 2003, 2007) the "send" command
has been ctrl+enter.

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It's always been Alt+Enter for Outlook, as far back as I can remember. Maybe
Alt-s is assigned to some other function and is getting intercepted.
Dave Carlson
San Francisco Bay Area Farfar, woodworker, and musician

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Hi, everyone.

I am in the process of configuring Outlook 2010 to work with a Windows 7 PC
and with my personal g-mail account, and have run across a very strange

Specifically, the Alt S command does not work for sending e-mail messages.
Instead, I have to use Alt Enter.

Has anyone ever seen this before, and if so, what can I do to get the usual
Alt S sending command to work.

Since this may be considered off topic for the list, please respond to me
privately at:


P.S. I am using Jaws 14 here.

Thank you.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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