Getting to the JAWS start-up menu

Ed Marquette <marquette.ed@...>

Ed Marquette]] I know I've done this before, but cannot now
remember how. With a regular keyboard (one with a numeric
keypad), one can reach the Jaws menu with insert key plus j. On a
Windows 7 (or earlier machine), JAWS key plus F-11 will produce a
system tray from which one can activate the Jaws menu.
The Jaws key plus F-11 doesn't work in Windows 8, and I have only
one working JAWS key on this laptop (the capslock key).
So, in laptop mode (with the keyboard) Capslock plus j simulates a
mouse action.
Any ideas how to get to the Jaws menu when Jaws is set to run in
the system tray?
This is not urgent. I can just plug in an external keyboard
temporarily, but one would think there ought to be a way. Perhaps
my real problem is the inability to get to the system tray in
Windows 8.
[Ed Marquette[Ed Marquette]]

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