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Hi Tom,

I do not know what has been suggested to you for this problem. I noticed a few replies to your original post, but did not read them. But, I did read the original post. If you know your computer pretty well, you can navigate to the JAWS executable file blind, and here's how:

1. If you can, find "Computer" on your desktop, and open it.
2. You need to know how your C drive is named, and press the first letter of the name of the drive. Not the letter C for c:, but if you have a Dell computer, and the C drive is named Dell (c:), then press the letter D, and open it.
3. Now, you will have to remember the folder names in your C drive, and press the letter P once, twice, or until you know that you are focused on the "Program Files" folder. Open it.
4. Once in the "Program Files" folder, press the letter F to move you to the "Freedom Scientific" folder, and once again open it.
5. Then, press the letter J which will focus you on the JAWS folder.
6. Open the JAWS folder, and, if you just have one version of JAWS installed, press the space bar to highlight the only folder there. If you have say JAWS 14 and 15 both installed, you will need to press the number 1 key. The first time you press it you will be focused on the folder named 14.0, and likewase pressing the number 1 twice will have you focused on the 15.0 folder. Choose the one that you want, and again open it.
7. Lastly, press the letter J twice to focus on the JFW executable file, and press "Enter." JAWS will now open, and you will be up and running. It is a good idea to spend some time getting to know your computer, just because of circumstances like this. For instance, try putting your JAWS installation file on a flash drive, and name the drive something like JAWS, so if you ever have to reinstall it blind, you will be able to navigate to the file and start the installation. Another thing you might want to do is, sort the icons on your desktop by Item type. To do this, press Ctrl+Space bar to deselect all icons. Then press the applications key, and click on "Sort By", and select "Item Type." This will put your "Computer" icon at the top left position of the desktop, and all you have to do to find it is press "Ctrl+Home", which will take you right to it. Now, the real easy way to open your JAWS 15 is to press the "Windows key +R" and type in "JAWS15" with no quotes and no spaces, then hit "Enter." I hope that you get something from this besides the easy way to work with JAWS, because it is not always simple, and takes alittle thinking to figure it out.

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For some reason this morning; Jaws 15 will not start either using the short cut key or going to the desk top and pressing J twice and then enter. Jaws 14 and 15 are both on the desk top. I installed 15 from the CD about a week ago and have been able to start it from either the short cut key or desk top. Any help would be appreciated. Tom
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