JAWS 15.0 and Slow Internet



in case people are having problems with either skype connections or internet performance in general when JAWS 15 is running (slow downloads), here is how to work around this temporarily.
If you’re using a Braille display that relies on bluetooth, go into Synthesizer and Braille manager and deselect any Braille display you might have added.
It is not enough to just select “no Braille display” as your default, there needs to be no Braille driver installed for JAWS to use.
Restart JAWS when prompted to do so, and all should behave as usual, except for the annoying fact that you’re left without Braille temporarily.
I tested this with a German FS employee just last night.
I do not know if displays connected via other means exhibit that strange behaviour.

FS is still analysing why it’s happening for some people, whereas others do not seem to have any issue at all.
If you know of people not on this list, feel free to pass on the info.

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