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Adrian Spratt


It works for me with IE10, Win7 and JAWS 14. I noticed a number of websites that had ceased working well for me with XP became easy to navigate when I upgraded to Win7 and IE9 / 10. I apologize for implying that an upgrade might soon be necessary.

One thing. I see you have FF18. FF updated the other day to 25. I don't know if JAWS 9 works with recent versions, but I mention it in case.

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Hi fellow JAWS users. I have been using the Google Shopping site successfully for years with IE 8 running JAWS 9 and XP to check the prices and availability of products I am interested in buying. Yesterday and again this morning, when I tried to access the Google Shopping page with IE 8, I got a strange error message. When I tried to access Google Shopping with Firefox 18, it wouldn't load at all, and I got instead the Google home page with the normal search edit field with a bunch of links to product ads under the search field. Has anyone else been experiencing trouble with Google Shopping? I was able to access it without any difficulty last week. I would appreciate it if somebody could check out the Google Shopping page, the direct address for which is below, and report whether they can load it successfully and search for products. Thanks.


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