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Hi Michael,

Depending on what email software you use, there should be either a Paper Clip icon on the email window, which you can click on and browse to the file, then click to attach the file to the email message. Or, most email softwares have an item in the File menu called Attachments, which will give you the choice to save or attach a file to the message. See if one of these woreks for you.


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Subject: question about open book files

Hi, I have a pearl camera and I have saved an 83 page doc using the pearl
and openbook. I saved this file as a word doc, and I now need to send it as
an email attachment. I cannot remember how to find the doc / or should I say
navigate to the file, so that I can copy it and attach it to an email. I am
able to open the file, but I do not know how to find it as a file that I can
copy and attach. Please give me some directions if you can please. Thanks

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