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When I installed JAWS15, I figured I wouldn't be using 14 very much. So, for the time being, I removed the icon for 14 from the desktop, knowing that if and when I want it I can go to it in the all programs list. Then I assigned control-alt-j to 15 on the desktop. It works. and I have access to either version.

Lois Goodine.

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I just installed Jaws 15, not uninstalling 14. I was starting 14 with alt,ctl,j. I changed 14 to f, clicked apply and then ok. I then went to 15 and inserted j into the shortcut option clicked apply and then ok.
Now regardless of which I use j or f version 14 starts. Tried leaving the sshortcut key for 14 blank but still 14 starts when I use j. I can start 15 from the desktop. suggestions? Tom
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