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Hi Jean,

Below are some notes I found. Hope they help.

From: Marquette, Ed
Hello everyone:
This message is being dictated using Dragon Naturally Speaking. I promised
everyone that I would post a message as soon as I had fully installed Dragon
Naturally Speaking.
I did absolutely no training. This is version 11.5, and I am amazed with
its accuracy. In fact, I am dictating this e-mail message using Naturally
Here are some tips:
first, if you are using a laptop, your built in sound card is probably an
adequate. I would encourage you to use a USB sound card.
Second, in order to keep the Dragon Toolbar out of the way, under "options,"
be sure to put Naturally Speaking in the system tray.
Third, under Options, be sure to go to the hotkeys tab. There, create a set
of hotkeys that makes sense to you.
For those of you who are looking for a dictation solution, I highly
recommend Dragon Naturally Speaking.
Just so you know, I made absolutely no edits to this e-mail message.

From: Marquette, Ed
Assuming you are installing this on your own machine and do not have to
worry about an information technology department's oppressive security
settings, everything should be pretty straightforward.
Sighted assistance is not necessary; however, it could be a comfort. You
will be asked to identify your sound system. Dragon will help, but you
should know something about your system.
Peter seems to have had good luck with the built in sound facility on his
laptop. I have never been able to get a built-in sound system on a laptop
to work; however, I have used nothing but ThinkPad laptops for the past 15
years. They are good machines, but this is not my choice.
Be sure to position the headset microphone properly. It should be in front
of your mouth and about one inch away. A little variation doesn't matter,
but if you have a swivel boom and the microphone is on top of your head, the
results will be disastrous.
You will be asked to check the volume of your sound system. In that step of
the installation, it really does not matter what you say. You can recite a
nursery rhyme.
In the next step in the installation, the sound systems quality is checked.
There, it is probably better to read what is on the screen. For this, you
will need to use the JAWS cursor. The text is only about two sentences.
So, this is not a big deal.
By far, the most important thing to remember is to go through the settings.
You need to be sure that Dragon Naturally Speaking is running out of the
system tray.
Most of the other settings are a matter of personal preference, and for
many, the default settings work fine.
There is an option to turn on screen reader menus. Be sure that option is
There is also a section to assign hotkeys. I do not particularly like the
default hotkeys. I rarely use the "wake-up" and "go to sleep" commands. I
usually turn the microphone on and off with a hotkey, in my case, shift plus
Where you encounter words that Dragon does not understand, be sure to
highlight the word or phrase. Then, say "correct that." This should open
up a dialogue box. The first item in the dialog box is an edit box. There,
you can type in the correct spelling of the word that Dragon messed up. If
you hit tab on the edit box, you will be presented with a list of choices.
You can arrow down to the proper choice and hit enter, or you can simply say
"choose one" or "choose three" or whatever the item you want to select is
listed as.
I like to use the list when it works; however, for strange proper names,
Dragon probably won't be able to suggest anything helpful. Then, when you
type in the word, you can either just press enter or preferably, you should
tab over to training. To start training, say the word, and then press on
the "done" button.
Dragon will remember your word, even if it is a really strange one.
Remember, you can get help. Probably the easiest to remember is, "what can
I say." I think you can also say "show me a list of commands" or "show me
Use the Jaws task switching key, shift plus F-10. The Dragon Side-Bar will
show up. You can also just say "Dragon Side Bar," and that will bring it
up. I know because while I was dictating it just now, I triggered the
Dragon Side Bar.
The help facility is a kind of HTML display, and it works very well with
I am sure others will have additional tips, but this should get you started.
By the way, I dictated this using Dragon Naturally Speaking.

From: Peter Holdstock
Hi, I installed it all using JAWS myself and haven't read any of the manuals
or help files as it was all pretty easy to just follow. I'd suggest when
doing any of the training (which is optional) that with JAWS coming in to
the headset, you slow the speech right down to a speed that you can read it
as that will reduce the number of pauses and errors you make whilst reading
it. Fortunately the latest version doesn't mind waiting for the pauses and
is quite forgiving. It also takes in to account corrections you make using
the keyboard as well as your voice so is always learning.


From: Peter Holdstock
Hi, I don't think the correction box is so important now that it learns from
keyboard corrections i.e. just edit the word it got wrong in your document
and it should learn that. I also found with JAWS 13 that the screen reader
menu option didn't make any difference and it does say in the help to use
that option if your having problems so see how you get on.

But great info so thanks for that.


Take care.
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I know Jaws and Dragon V12 work well together. I had both on my old XP
machine until it bit the dust. Now I am ready to install Dragon Naturally
Speaking Professional Version 12 on my Windows 8 laptop with Jaws 14.

Previously on this list, I think Ed had given a great description of Dragon
recommended settings so it works best with Jaws. I tried searching for that
old thread, but can’t find it. If anyone knows what those DNS settings are,
I would appreciate having that info again.


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