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Adrian Spratt

Thanks for the alert to these problems. Here's what FS says the update fixes:

Enhancements in JAWS 14.0.9002 (November 2013)

This update improves speech and braille feedback when typing in the Search pane of the Windows 8.1 Start Screen. It also resolves several customer reported issues where JAWS was saying "clickable" on every line when navigating Web pages in Mozilla Firefox.

The webpage is at:

I've had this problem with Firefox, but I can live with it compared to the problems described here.

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Downloaded the update earlier today, but I had to go back to the previous installation I had. The biggest issue I found was in Word. It was reading only by sentences. When I tried to read by paragraphs, it would only say, "Blank." When I would navigate from one paragraph to the other, it would say, "Tab." I am beginning to think that JAWS is going backwards instead of forward. Heh, JAWS 12 works a lot better than 14. Accessibility in Chrome is also broke. I know they haven't done much to supported, but it was a lot better with JAWS 12 than it is with 14. On 11/7/2013 12:23 AM, Gary King wrote: Now that we have the direct download links to JAWS 14.0.9002, we just would like to know what they fixed and what they broke.

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Hi All,

There is an update available for Jaws14. It is Jaws14.0.9002. The direct download links are below:

32 Bit Systems:

64 Bit Systems:

Take care.

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