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Downloaded the update earlier today, but I had to go back to the previous installation I had. The biggest issue I found was in Word. It was reading only by sentences. When I tried to read by paragraphs, it would only say, "Blank." When I would navigate from one paragraph to the other, it would say, "Tab." I am beginning to think that JAWS is going backwards instead of forward. Heh, JAWS 12 works a lot better than 14. Accessibility in Chrome is also broke. I know they haven't done much to supported, but it was a lot better with JAWS 12 than it is with 14.

On 11/7/2013 12:23 AM, Gary King wrote:
Now that we have the direct download links to JAWS 14.0.9002, we just would like to know what they fixed and what they broke.

Gary King
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Hi All,

There is an update available for Jaws14. It is Jaws14.0.9002. The direct
download links are below:

32 Bit Systems:

64 Bit Systems:

Take care.
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