Re: Important: Disabling Application Mode in Jaws 10?

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a bit behind here, but all you need do is hit the PC cursor key to disengage forms mode which is what I think you mean by the places your saying your getting the trouble.

and it sounds like doing a repair on jaws would be a good thing as well.

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Hi All,

On many pages using Jaws 10 and XP Pro, I'm running into the "app mode on" message from Jaws. This is happening particularly with PayPal and on my Wordpress site dashboard when editing content there. When I run into this issue, it's pretty much impossible to access a page and issue any commands, enter any text, etc.

Is there any way to keep "app mode" from appearing, even temporarily. I desperately need to get these website pages edited, and this is giving me a real headache.

Any tips, suggestions or fixes would be tremendously appreciated!

Many thanks in advance!

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