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Kerri <shalom75@...>

Hello. Yes, I have installed fox 6 because that is the only one I know of
and I did so in a pinch. The synchronizing was my next question since I
don't know how to import my favorites or anything else with fox but I'll
quit bugging you now. Grin.

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Have you installed Firefox 6? I have no experience with that version for a
reason I'll explain in a moment.

In terms of JAWS, I don't recall needing to make any adjustments for Firefox
3 and 4. I assume, without knowing for a fact, that Firefox 6 and JAWS work
well together.

If you explore the Mozilla website, you'll find references to many, many
add-ons that can enhance your experience. These have to do with
synchronizing your Firefox and IE favorites, PDF files, Adobe Flash and

Many of us started using Firefox because of Webvisum, which deciphered
so-called CAPTIA, or image codes, that many websites use for security
purposes. Webvisum never worked with IE. However, Webvisum hasn't been
updated for versions 5 and 6, and the people at Webvisum haven't been
responding to queries.

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Hello, all. I'm new to Firefox and was inquiring whether or not there are
any settings needed to optimize fire fox with jaws? Thanks and have a great

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