Re: jaws 15 jsay and dragon

Doris and Chris

"jsay" is middleware: that intercedes between jaws and dragon. It helps jaws to read back text as it appears on the screen etc. There used to be a similar product named "jawbone" that did essentially the same thing.

"j-say" is $$$ if you can use dragon with just jaws, you save a bundle.



At 03:10 PM 10/31/2013 +0100, you wrote:
Hello listers:

I came across an application "jsay", which claim te interract with jaws 14
and dragon. My questions are:

1. why should I use jsay? What is the advantage of this program over jaws
and dragon?

2. is there a jsay which is user friendly with jaws 15 and dragon?

Any experience with jaws and dragon or jsay jaws and dragon?

Many thanks.


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