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Dave Durber


We have three desktop computers in the hous. When I updated the systems two years ago, I made sure, all three were identical as far as possible, using the same make and models for the motherboards, CPU's, DVD/CD devices and the same capacity hard drives.

so, I can use my spare bootable hard drive with any of the three systems, knowing that I will not get any booting errors or hardware and driver errors in doing so.

I have a spare Windows system disk, which I use to boot any of the computers to Windows.

I then use Image for Windows to restore the backup to the permanent system drive. I then shut down the computer, disconnect the spare drive from the motherboard and power supply, then restart the computer, using the drive with the restored image.



Dave Durber

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So Image for Windows now offers a talking recovery disk? I was always under the impression that the only way to perform a system recovery without sighted assistance using Image for Windows is to store the backup image on a series of DVD's and follow the steps described in an audio tutorial posted on the JAWS Users web site. Have you successfully restored your system yourself using this talking recovery disk?


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I find that image for windows from is extremely
accessible. They even have a check box that makes it more accessible by
showing check boxes that a screen reader can identify.
I have been using it for several years.
Now with a talking recovery cd available, it is possible to restore using


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Hi all: I've been through the ringer these last ten days. Got a job from a
translation agency with tight security requirements, and I was asked
!install a program called securezip. I did, completed the job, sent it in.
computer crashed upon next startup. This has taught me the importance of
using disk imaging. There are reviews on the net that are quite good, but,
of course, the question always remains: how accesible is a program that is
otherwise noted for good performance. Among those reviewed, Macriam has had
excellent ratings, and so has Paragon. Any thoughts?

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