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Dave Durber


I use a program called "Image for Windows.

The prompts are very easy to follow. However, on ocasions, you do need to use the JAWS or Invisible cursors, to read the prompts at the top of the screen and again, to read the two status areas, which display the amount of datawhich has been copied and how much remains to be copied.



Dave Durber

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Hi all: I've been through the ringer these last ten days. Got a job from a translation agency with tight security requirements, and I was asked !install a program called securezip. I did, completed the job, sent it in. computer crashed upon next startup. This has taught me the importance of using disk imaging. There are reviews on the net that are quite good, but, of course, the question always remains: how accesible is a program that is otherwise noted for good performance. Among those reviewed, Macriam has had excellent ratings, and so has Paragon. Any thoughts?

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