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I located the keystroke to turn on braille history mode In jaws 15, the
keystroke for a focus 80 is
M chord from the braille keyboard.

Also in jaws 15,
Speech history is:
Jaws key+ for layered keys, then the letter h.
This opens up a list of the last 50 things that have been spoken.

Press escape to close the history.


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It certainly is not a bug! It comes in rather handy for those of us who run
with speech turned off. In very old versions of Jaws and some other devices
it used to be called Speech Box Mode.

Phil's description is accurate through Jaws 14 and I don't see what the
question is. Exactly how it works in 15 I don't know, not having installed
it yet.

In and before Jaws 14 there are four braille modes: Structured, in which you

can read an attempted summary of the currently focused item. A feature some
people may not know about is that if you use the Braille Prior or Next Line
keys you'll get out of the Structured Line and then the display works like
Line Mode. This was added several versions ago and is really handy. The PAC
Mate display and possibly some Focuses disable this for reasons which are
virtually incomprehensible to me. You can fix it in Keyboard Manager.

The other three modes are Line mode, Attributes mode (next to useless but
nice to have) and Speech History which lets you read most speech information

without having to try to hear and understand it.



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