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Cy Selfridge

Speaking of strange things,
I have 2 HP laptop/notebook computers.
Both are running W7 64 bit and JAWS 14 works fairly well on both.
Now, I won a copy of Magic 12 complete with the Magic large print keyboard
at a FS seminar.
I installed Magic on the older HP and all went well.
I installed it on the newer HP and, oops, it abended and would not run.
FS and I worked on the problem for some time and they did some tandom
sessions and discovered a hidden bug in Magic 12 which the newer HP spotted
right away.
They did get the problem solved so I thought I would plug n the keyboard.
Oops, wrong move, the newer HP flat did not like that keyboard but I have
not taken the problem to FS asyet, want to give them time to recover from
the last mess. (LOLLOLLOL)
That blamed hardware sure can vary even among the same brand of computer.

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This is technically not responsive. I've installed the JFW 15 Beta on my
Windows 8 UltraBook. Interestingly, it is the same model used by several of
the Freedom Scientific employees.
My results with two different installations were discouraging.
Although the touch gestures worked pretty well, there was a fundamental
Shutdown of the computer produced a really strange error -- one that I
believe was transmitted to Freedom Scientific through the error reporting
It locked up JAWS and prevented a shutdown. The system just hung there.
When a sighted user clicked through the error messages, the computer finally
shut down; however, when I started it again, the entirety of the Beta
installation vanished. It was like JAWS
15 self-destructed.
Initially, I didn't believe what happened -- even though I was a witness.
Two weeks later, I tried the again to install JAWS 15. The Ava voice (the
sexy one) was already present. So, that wasn't uninstalled.
Well, the same exact thing happened.
Maybe I could imagine this once, but not twice.

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I've purposely not jumped into installing the JFW 15 Beta yet.
What have you others experienced, when using on Windows 7?

Dave Carlson
San Francisco Bay Area Farfar, woodworker, and musician

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