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I'm pretty sure because the discrepancy is that drastic throughout the day
and other devices like iPhone, iPad wife's computer, etc don't have any
speed issues. That and the slow down only happens when I've got JFW 15
loaded, but JFW 14 gives me the speeds I've always had. This is the only

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Are you sure it is not the server?
I find download speeds vary dramatically depending on the day and time of

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Just the standard browsers (IE 10 and Firefox 24) and Outlook 2010. Webpage
loading and retrieving emails via Outlook take forever and often time out .
this is why I at first thought I had been infected with something. Jaws
itself doesn't get sluggish nor do the actual programs. It is when
downloading files with either JFW 14 or 15 that I can see the difference in
kb rate. Even downloading a Bookshare book takes forever with JFW 15.
Being a beta, one hopes that whatever remaining issues there are will be
addressed in the final rollout, but since there was no real change from the
second to the third release...a bit disconcerting.
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I had not tried any downloads (or at least do not recall doing so) during my
brief testing of beta 3. I tried just now and experienced no change from my
typical speed of ~.5mbps from a particular ftp server from which I retrieve
quite a lot of files.

Is there a particular program I should try using in order to see if I
experience this slowdown? (If it is a slowdown while downloading emails I
won't be able to test that as I am not doing that at the moment while my
good computer is under hardware repair).

On 10/20/13, Cristóbal <> wrote:
The first beta other than a problematic installation that FS helped me
resolve was surprisingly good. Not too many bugs. The second and third
beta releases however are a different story. With these last two
updates, my internet speed with JFW 15 becomes painfully slow. Also,
when switching from email inbox to email inbox (imap) in Outlook 2010,
my Outlook will hang and more often than not crash outright.
The internet speed thing threw me for a few days since at first I
thought my system was infected with something. I tried everything from
resetting network this and that, changing this and that setting. And
finally system restore. The system restore did the trick since it was
before I did the 15 update and after that is when I notice that with
JFW 14, my download speeds were as they always were (anywhere between
120 kb to 800 kb) and after loading JFW 15, I was only getting 5 kb to
maybe 60 kb. That and the Outlook crashing. I can unload and load
these two different versions and reproduce this behavior every time.
These are two quite significant issues to the point where I don't even
bother running JFW 15 anymore. I have no clue if others may in fact be
experiencing these issues. I have submitted bug reports with all my
contact information should the testing department wish to contact me,
but as of now, that hasn't been the case. I kind of hope that others
are dealing with these problems so that maybe they'll get addressed
before the final roll out. As nothing really changed from the second
beta cycle to the third, I'm not so sure. This would of course be a
major bummer....
It's frustrating since everything else seems to work well including
the new voices, but those two problems make it incredibly hard to
nearly impracticle to work with JFW 15 on my system anyway.

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I've purposely not jumped into installing the JFW 15 Beta yet. What
have you others experienced, when using on Windows 7?

Dave Carlson
San Francisco Bay Area Farfar, woodworker, and musician

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