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Jean <jemenzies@...>

I thought I saw a note somewhere that Zoomtext isn't compatible with Windows 8.1 yet. Might want to look into that, since that might be the problem.

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Although I don't use Windows 8 or 8.1 yet, I can tell you that JAWS and
Zoomtext don't play nice on Windows 7 at boot time, and that might still be
true for Windows 8.x. . You have to load them in a specific order.
Unfortunately I don't remember what that is off the top of my head. In my
lab at work where we have 18 machines with JAWS and Zoomtext on each, we
have JAWS loading at startup so that the login prompt can be spoken, then
Zoomtext can be loaded manually after the system boots. We don't have any
particular stability issues with this type of arrangement.

Hope this helps.


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Hi listers
Any settings that can be changed to help windows 8.1 to stop freezing when
using Jaws with zoom text.

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