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To all
Its still in beta stage expect issues and gugs to be more prevalent until offically released.

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Yes I have the same issues with outlook 2013 and I get a crash.

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> The first beta other than a problematic installation that FS helped me
> resolve was surprisingly good. Not too many bugs. The second and third
> beta
> releases however are a different story. With these last two updates, my
> internet speed with JFW 15 becomes painfully slow. Also, when switching
> from
> email inbox to email inbox (imap) in Outlook 2010, my Outlook will hang
> and
> more often than not crash outright.
> The internet speed thing threw me for a few days since at first I
> thought my
> system was infected with something. I tried everything from resetting
> network this and that, changing this and that setting. And finally
> system
> restore. The system restore did the trick since it was before I did the
> 15
> update and after that is when I notice that with JFW 14, my download
> speeds
> were as they always were (anywhere between 120 kb to 800 kb) and after
> loading JFW 15, I was only getting 5 kb to maybe 60 kb. That and the
> Outlook
> crashing. I can unload and load these two different versions and
> reproduce
> this behavior every time.
> These are two quite significant issues to the point where I don't even
> bother running JFW 15 anymore. I have no clue if others may in fact be
> experiencing these issues. I have submitted bug reports with all my
> contact
> information should the testing department wish to contact me, but as of
> now,
> that hasn't been the case. I kind of hope that others are dealing with
> these
> problems so that maybe they'll get addressed before the final roll out.
> As
> nothing really changed from the second beta cycle to the third, I'm not
> so
> sure. This would of course be a major bummer....
> It's frustrating since everything else seems to work well including the
> new
> voices, but those two problems make it incredibly hard to nearly
> impracticle
> to work with JFW 15 on my system anyway.
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> I've purposely not jumped into installing the JFW 15 Beta yet. What
> have you
> others experienced, when using on Windows 7?
> Dave Carlson
> San Francisco Bay Area Farfar, woodworker, and musician
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