Re: Jaws 14 going lame

Charles Coe


Have you tried reinstalling JAWS 14 or contacting FS support to see if they
can provide a resolution.

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Happens to me with surprising regularity. No idea why or how to fix.

JFW 14 .0.5005 Win 7 32-bit.

David G. Carlson
Marketing / Sales Engineer
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Hi all,
Using Jaws 14, newest bill, and win/7 64 bit.
Jaws has been going lame lately. As an example, when I go into the
favorites folder, go into the file menu, go to the new sub menu, when
I right arrow there Jaws goes lame. I have to wait 1-2 minutes before
Jaws comes back.
Any thoughts on how to remedy this situation??
Morey Worthington

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