Re: Transferring Alt Control J shortcut from Jaws 11 to Jaws 12

Tom Behler


This helps a great deal.

Thanks so much for the quick response.
I get my work laptop next week--i.e. a week before classes begin--so I need to have things up and running pretty quickly for my various classroom teaching activities and any upcoming travel.

Tom in Michigan

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Hi Tom,

There is no need to transfer the alt, control, + J, keystroke. That is the
default shortcut keystroke for all versions of Jaws. What you need to do is
go to the Jaws12 context menu / options / basics and check the box to have
Jaws12 start automatically. By checking this box in any version of Jaws,
tells Jaws to use this particular keystroke as the shortcut keystroke. Hope
this helps. Take care.

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Subject: Transferring Alt Control J shortcut from Jaws 11 to Jaws 12

Hi, again.

I just thought of one more question here.

What is the best way to transfer the Alt Control J shortcut to Jaws 12
Jaws 11, when doing the upgrade process?

I seem to recall having a problem with this once before in earlier
and can't remember how to resolve it.

All I remember is that I had great difficulty transferring the shortcut
to the new version of Jaws from the earlier version.

I would have thought that the "merge utilities" function would have taken
care of this, but it didn't in my earlier upgrade efforts.

Thanks for putting up with all my questions lately.

Tom in Michigan

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