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david Jennette

I can't say for sure. I'd call Freedom Scientific and ask if I were you.
I'd think sense it's so close to the next release you'd be automatically
upgraded but I could be entirely wrong so it's best to ask. As for access to
windows 8, the desktop environment works just fine. The new interface still
needs some work although that's not just with Jaws from what I understand.
It's in the mainstream as well. It's going to take time to get what's
essentially a new platform up to the standards of what we're used to.

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Hi all,
I meant to say that the laptop was a Toshiba not an HP... Anyway, should I
wait for Jaws 15, or get Jaws 14? And either way, will there be a free
upgrade, or will I have to pay, and if so, how much?

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I find I can do what I absolutely need to do though it can be more
challenging than it should be. I use Jaws 14 & Windows 8. I'm sorry I
didn't spend the extra money for an Apple because soon I'll have to
put out for Jaws 15 and so on.

Good luck, but you will first need to go up to Jaws 14 or wait till
Jaws 15 is out so you don't have to pay that extra upgrade fee.

It's the last PC laptop I buy.



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Subject: New windows 8 laptop and Jaws

Hello all,
My wife and I just bought a Windows 8 HP laptop, and I was wondering
how accessible Jaws 11 was with Windows 8? I've kinda been away from
the Windows and Jaws for awhile, only using them here lately on occasion.
A friend and I were thinking about upgrading to Jaws 14 or 15, I think
I heard it was coming out soon?
Any assistance on all of this would greatly be appreciated.
Thanks, Shane. Sent from my iPhone
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