Re: Transferring Alt Control J shortcut from Jaws 11 to Jaws 12

Adrian Spratt


I've always found it advantageous to re-create this shortcut for any new
version. Like many JAWS users, I have a few versions on my system because
later ones broke what previously worked. Each time I install a new version
(i.e., 10, 11, 12), I assign the j shortcut to it and reassign other
shortcuts to older versions.

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Hi, again.

I just thought of one more question here.

What is the best way to transfer the Alt Control J shortcut to Jaws 12 from
Jaws 11, when doing the upgrade process?

I seem to recall having a problem with this once before in earlier upgrades,
and can't remember how to resolve it.

All I remember is that I had great difficulty transferring the shortcut over
to the new version of Jaws from the earlier version.

I would have thought that the "merge utilities" function would have taken
care of this, but it didn't in my earlier upgrade efforts.

Thanks for putting up with all my questions lately.

Tom in Michigan

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