Re: Anyone know what's wrong with JAWS and YouTube?

Charles Coe

I have been having the same problem with YouTube not playing the sound when
the YouTube page has been brought up, I have tried the instructions given
below and they did not work. However, my son maximized the screen and was
able to turn up the volume that way. This problem with YouTube has recently
come up,, I would appreciate any assistance with this matter.



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Hi Jim,

Here are steps for getting your sound back posted by a fellow list member:

From: Gerald Levy
Okay, people, if you are using JAWS, here's how to unmute the Youtube audio
and increase the volume to a comfortable listening level:

1. Load the Youtube page containing the video you want to listen to.
2. Turn off the virtual cursor by pressing JAWS key-Z.
3. Starting from the top of the page, tab repeatedly until you reach the
unmute button. This will require a lot of tabbing until you finally land on

4. Once you are on the unmute button, press the space bar and the then press
the up arrow key repeatedly to increase the audio volume to the desired
Finally, press JAWS key-Z again to turn the virtual cursor back on.

I tried these steps myself, and they worked for me.


Take care.
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Subject: Anyone know what's wrong with JAWS and Youtube?

Hi there,

Does anyone know what's going on with Youtube? It seems that every video is
now muted automatically, and when I get to the "unmute" button, nothing

I'm using JAWS and Internet Explorer.

What do I need to do to get Youtube working?

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