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Win 8 is not good

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I can't find any of my files with Icloud, either, and I'm running JFW
14.0 on Win. 8. IT's terrible. I haven't found a way in my settings
to turn off the default to return to regular options. It seems to have
changed itself after I did some updates. Sometimes I find optionoptions on
the Amazon page to download my music directly to my PC, which I do through
Amazon MP3 player installer, but sometimes I don't see the option and lately
it goes straight to Cloud. Not good!
I've lost a lot of downloads and wasted purchases with it, so am banning
downloads for now from this increasingly cluttered site. I am determined to
find a way to fix this, too! So you're not alone!


On 9/28/13, <> wrote:
You've got that right!

On 9/28/2013 11:25 AM, Hazel Darvell wrote:
Sinse Amazon went to heaven we have had no luck in being able to
install and make use of this service.
This has been a backward step for us screen reader users.
Take care
On 28/09/2013 13:34, Barbara Corner wrote:
Is anyone able to download, install and use the Amazon Cloud Player
with JFW on a PC?

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