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The below link says the following after clicking it.

Freedom Scientific - Web Page Not Available (404 error)

Web Page Not Available

This page may have been removed from our Web site or could have moved to
another location. Press your browser Back button or press ALT+LEFT ARROW to
return to the previous page.

Here are a few areas you may find useful:

list of 6 items
. Freedom Scientific Home Page
. JAWS Headquarters
. PAC Mate Headquarters
. Learning Systems Group
. Training Headquarters
. Support Pages
list end

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at Freedom

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Hi Hamid,

In Windows 8, there are two versions of Internet Explorer. The Metro version
doesn't have the menus that you are looking for. The Desktop version is the
full version, and that's what you want to always use. You can set IE to
always load the Desktop version. The following FS link provides a better
explanation and instructions of how to make those changes to always run the
full desktop version.

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Subject: Windows 8 and JAWS

Hi There Folks,

Poking around with Windows 8, I couldn't find a way to land on the menues in
any application. For instance, in Internet Explorer, I used to press Alt to
activate the menues and then do something from there. I am just looking for
the replacement for that majic Alt key stroke!

Thank you.

Hamid Hamraz
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