Re: Need Settings for optimizing Jaws in Windows 7

Tom Behler

Thanks, Elf, and I'll definitely check out your web site.

Tom in Michigan

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there aren't a lot of things to fix, about the only main one that a lot of folks do is to:
deselect all items on the desktop by hitting alt and spacebar. hit the applications key, select customize, find the themes tab and select "classic theme"

and that's only if you find the fact that in the standard windows 7 themes the desktop is permanently in the alt tab sequence.
that is about all the changes it makes.

I have a collection of stuff for beginners on windows 7 on my web site:

there is a starting package with some text tutorials and a list of audio tutorial sites like blind geek zone and blind cool tech in it.

there is also my helpful hints notes that will tell you what there calling things now (such as add/remove programs is now called programs and features) and fixes for problems folks have had, and the "where did they put ...? questions we all have during the switchover.

fairly much I'd say that 90% of the questions that might be asked are in this folder, its called windows 7 helpful notes, and is the link just below the starting out kit download link.

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Subject: Need Settings for optimizing Jaws in Windows 7

Hi, everyone.

Does anyone have a list of settings to optimize Jaws performance in Windows 7?

I am about to get a new work laptop with Windows 7, and would like to get things started off on the right foot if possible.

Thanks very much.

Tom in Michigan

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