Re: Jaws says MSE is running as PC shuts down?

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Hi Adrian,

Yes that's what I thought, I also tried the latest demo of Jaws14 32bit and it's just the same, I also have the latest virus definitions installed, ah well, if it aint broke then I wont fix it!


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If I were you, I'd leave it be. So long as you've closed all your other programs, you shouldn't lose any data that matters to you.

I've noticed a few messages lately where MSE appears to be acting unexpectedly with earlier versions of JAWS. Many of us wish FS wouldn't keep up its pattern of annual new releases, often with goofy new features, but behind the scenes, it's clear that FS is also trying to keep on top of developments in the Internet and software arenas.

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Subject: Jaws says MSE is running as PC shuts down?

Hi all,

This is a strange one, running Jaws11 and WinXp plus Microsoft security essentials, at the point Windows shuts down, and with nothing apparently running with the exception of Jaws, a message pops up to inform me that MSE is still active and do I want to cancel the application and lose any unsaved data, the PC shuts down anyway. Upon rebooting, the PC starts without any problem and all is ok. Any help on this one would be gratefully received.


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