Re: shrinking white space on a braille display

Lee Maschmeyer

This is strange. I'm testing in Keyboard Manager, pointing it at the default key table.

When the Jaws cursor is active, BrailleToggle8PixelsPerSpace (hereafter called the Toggle script) does collapse and uncollapse the line, so when it says Line Up Text the left-hand column, with the key table names, is next to the righthand column with the keys and assignments. When using the PC cursor there is no movement on the display but this is caused by the Structured Line which defeats the action of the script. When I switch into line mode the Toggle script similarly makes a difference when the PC cursor is active.

Using BrailleSetUnlimitedPixelsPerSpace (the Set script), speech always says Line Up Text. Once this is on it stays on no matter how many times the script is invoked. I'm pretty sure switching tasks turns it off but once it's on again it stays on.

This is using Jaws 14, reading the screen of Keyboard Manager. In line mode it collapses the line with either the Jaws or PC cursor. In Structured Mode, when the display is on the Structured Line it makes no difference when using the PC cursor. When using the Jaws cursor, or when using the PC cursor and the display is not on the Structured Line, it collapses the line but once collapsed the line stays collapsed.

I'm using the braille display from a PAC Mate (not the whole PAC Mate itself). I've changed the left whiz wheel to invoke BraillePriorLine and BrailleNextLine so I can get out of the Structured Line when I want to. With your Focus there may be a way to get out of the Structured Line; if not, you might consider using the Braille Prior and Next Line scripts as getting away from the Structured Line can be a distinct advantage at times.

This is fun! I wonder what can account for the differences the two of us see. Is it Jaws 14 vs. 15?

Have fun,


Lee Maschmeyer

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