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Philip Hall <p.hall.eml1@...>

Yes, when I assign a key to
"BrailleSet8PixelsPerSpace" and I press the key that I assigned, speech does
say "as on screen", and On the braille display it shows "show text as on
I did assign the key using the default table.
No matter how many times I press the key, only the above message is briefly
displayed on the display, then the display goes back to showing me the
original text, with all the original white space.
Now, if I assign a key to
Each time I press the key, it toggles on or off.
I don't know if this makes much of a difference, but I am using this with
the Jaws cursor, and Jaws 15.


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Hi Phil,

I just tried it and it works fine for me. Does speech say "line up text"
(sic) and "as on screen"? Perhaps you assigned the key to one keyboard table

but are testing it with another. You probably want to assign it to the
default table so it'll always be available.

Have fun,


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