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Brian Varner <bvarner05@...>

There is a command for generating a links list, insert-f7. in the
links list you can first letter navigate the list. in gmail for
example, when I open an email and want to reply, I hit insert-f7, then
r for reply. alternatively, you can arrow up and down the links list
for the link you want.

I can't navigate directly to the body of the email in gmail though.
The best I can do is use j and jump to a line number that corresponds
to the beginning of the body.

On 9/22/13, Karen Reynolds <reynolds-karen@...> wrote:
While moving through a webpage or e-mail that is htm or html, sometimes
there are no headings but there are links that can be used. I know headings
is h, graphics is g and lists is l, but what is links?


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