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judith bron

Here's some advice someone sent me when I got my new computer a few weeks
ago. Going from Outlook Express to Outlook 2010 is difficult but eventually
you'll get it.
1. Adding address to address book Here's a couple ways you can do

The first way, is,

Press ctrl+shift+c
This will place you on a screen where you can add a contact, Use the tab key
to access the criteria, Once you've completed filling in the various fields,
Press escape key, and say yes to save.
The second way is,

1, open a message from the person whom you wish to add/reply to,

2, now shift+tab until you hear;
From: the person's name and email address; Move your left arrow to highlight
the name/email

3, press the applications key,
Up arrow and enter on,
Add to outlook contacts,

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I read the help for Outlook 2013, but I still don't understand. When I
receive an email, I want to add the sender to my address book? How do I do
this? I am using Windows 8 & Jaws 14.



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