JAWS with a slow-moving PC cursor...?

Nikhil Nair

Hi folks,

This might be a bit obscure, but I hope someone will be able to point me in the right direction.

I regularly use a terminal program to access a remote Linux-based server; I tend to use SecureCRT, because I like the accessibility, but this aspect would be the same with any other terminal program (e.g. PuTTY), and may even crop up in non-terminal environments.

The issue: if the latency of the Internet connection isn't ideal, then sometimes, when I move the cursor left/right one character at a time with the left/right arrow keys, JAWS reads the current character rather than the one I'm moving to, because the latency of the connection causes the actual cursor movement to be slower than whatever timeout JAWS uses to determine whether the cursor is going to move or not. Of course, exactly the same happens when moving up/down, with JAWS reading the current line, rather than the one I'm moving to.

This can be particularly annoying when it doesn't happen with every keystroke, but happens intermittently - presumably because the latency of the connection is hovering around JAWS's timeout, sometimes greater, sometimes less.

So... is there an easy solution to this? Is that timeout something I can adjust - and if so, how?

BTW, I'm using JAWS 13 (since I had some stability problems with 14, on Windows XP). Hopefully that isn't relevant, however.



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