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Gary King

I think the easiest way to get the URL of a link is to right click the link with the Star Key on your numeric keypad. Then choose Copy Shortcut from the context Menu. You can then paste the URL into an email message or a Word document. The properties dialog on the same Context Menu also shows the URL for the link.

Gary King

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Hey. Sorry, it's not. Let me try to explain better.

There's a link on a webpage that says "Sarah's Website" but doesn't give a URL to said site. How can I get the URL of "Sarah's Website" without actually going to the site and leaving the page I'm on? There used to be a keystroke that would open a window or dialogue box in which you'd arrow down, find the link, etc. If it helps, the title of the page and all that was also included in this dialogue box. I just can't for the life of me recall the stroke. There was a 1 or an F1 in there somewhere I was pretty certain. Maybe F2.


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in Internet Explorer or Firefox, alt+d selects the address in the address
bar. then you can copy it to the clipboard, use the arrow keys to review
letter by letter. for other browsers, I imagine it's similar.
is that what you mean?

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Hey guys,

Can someone please tell me the keystroke to read the URL of a text link?


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