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Adrian Spratt


I can't give you a single keystroke, but this method works for me:

1. Place focus on the text link.

2. Press the applications key.

3. Arrow down or press s to "selectee hyperlink." Press enter.

4. This places the http... version of the link in the clipboard. Press control-v to paste where desired so that it can be read as such.

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Hey guys,

Can someone please tell me the keystroke to read the URL of a text link?


By Sirena Carroll

When life's bitter tonic,
taints both heart and air,,
seek the raging thunderstorm,
and find your comfort there.

When sacred dreams are shattered,
into fragments of a soul,,
seek out the flying eagle,
and on his wings be whole.

When past mistakes endeavour,
to break the heart in two,,
seek then the mighty lion,
and let him carry you.,

When hope is but a daydream,
and nightmares claim the mind,,
seek the devil whispering,
and bid him get behind.

When legal be the laws of men,
and terror claims the heart,,
seek the strength which dwells within,
and n'er let it depart.

When hungry grow the jaws of wrath,,
fed by wrong demand,,
seek then the cleansing touch of God,
and shelter in his hand.

Never stroke the beast of vengeance,
lest it bite you true,,
seek the High Protector,
and let him care for you.
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